Pella Cement SA was founded in 2012 by P&P Pavlides Group of companies in Giannitsa Pellas.

After longtime experience in aggregate extraction and concrete production, Pavlides business group , started operating a grinding facility of composite Portland cement in 2012.

Pella Cement basic targets are:

  1. to provide building industry with high quality-cement and high standards of service in very competitive prices
  2. to be innovative producer in markets of interest







Pella cement plant follows high standards of quality control.

It is certified for its quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 and the produced types of cement are affixed with CE marking according to european and greek standard EN 197-1.

Pella Cement quality department is fully and properly equipped to meet the requirements of the european and greek standard.





In daily basis the laboratory carries out systematic checks of :

  • raw materials composition
  • performance and stability of all cement products


Certification of Qualtiy Management System:

ISO 9001 GR new